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Beautiful Hanging Baskets

Like my mom, I’ve never been good at gardening. Sadly, I usually have extreme difficulties keeping plants and flowers alive. Surprisingly, my sister is an extremely talented agriculture teacher. Her hobby is growing flowers. My sister understands my lack of gardening talents. For this reason, she gives me a few hanging baskets of geraniums each year. She knows that these flowers are easy to maintain. Thankfully, I seem to have success growing these gorgeous flowers. They bloom nearly all year on my front porch. On this blog, I hope you will discover the easiest plants and flowers to grow. Enjoy!


Choosing Environmentally Friendly Carpeting Materials

20 May 2016
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If you are working on an interior design scheme to transform your home, then you may be thinking about making the design as green as possible. If so, then there are many different flooring options you can choose from. If you have your heart set on a fantastic new carpet, then keep reading to learn how to make the carpeting installation an environmentally friendly one. Pick The Right Carpeting Materials Read More …

3 Causes for Basement Moisture & What You Can Do About It

3 May 2016
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If your basement has turned into a dank, moldy, unpleasant place to be, an undiagnosed moisture problem may be at work. Here are some possible causes of your basement moisture, along with steps for resolving them. Foundation Cracks and Seepage A noticeably wet basement floor following a rainstorm should be your cue to check for cracks in your concrete foundation. These cracks may take the form of a "stair-step" pattern if your walls are made of concrete bricks, or straight vertical lines if your walls are made of poured concrete. Read More …

Why You Need To Move Those Air Conditioner Ducts Out Of Your Attic ASAP

20 April 2016
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Central air conditioning in the home was once a luxury reserved for the rich, but now most homeowners in various climates want the comfort of a cooling breeze during the summer. Whether you use your A/C for eight months a year or only run it for a few weeks during heat waves, you're spending more than necessary if your ducts are located in the attic. Read up on the details of why it's folly to place ductwork in the attic. Read More …

Beginner’s Tips For Creating A Minimalist Home

6 April 2016
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Whether you've always ascribed to the "less is more" philosophy or want to simplify and streamline your home's look, a minimalist style is a great way to modernize your space. If you're new to the minimalist style, you might not know where to begin. From choosing the right furniture to incorporating color and light, here are a few tips for anyone looking to adopt the minimalist style throughout their home: Read More …

5 Types Of Furniture For Family Game Nights

4 April 2016
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Family game nights are great ways for friends and family members to gather together, play a variety of board games, and create fun memories. A key to playing board games is having the most comfort. Adding comfort to your family game night can make it easy to play for hours, enjoy all types of games, and ensure there is plenty of seating for everyone involved. The following five types of furniture are ideal for family game nights and can become permanent pieces of furniture for a living room or media room. Read More …